Leann Chavez-Barela, LCSW - Therapist - Roswell

Chelsey Wilkerson, BS— Parent Coordinator and Treatment Coordinator

Employee Payroll and Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Melissa Roberts -melissainnm@hotmail.com - Carlsbad

Achieving New Heights Through Loving Families

The Peak Treatment Foster Care

Employee List

Kevin B. Berry, MA, LMFT— Executive Director

Marla K. Anaya, LADAC, LPCC— Clinical Director - Roswell

Pam Slater, LISW - Clinical Director - Tucumcari and Clovis

Bianca Garcia, LMSW - Therapist - Tucumcari and Clovis

Treatment Coordinators


David K. Thurman, BS - davidthurman@cableone.net - Roswell

Gilliane I. Moreno, BSW - gillianemoreno@cableone.net - Roswell

Tabitha Denny - LMSW - tabithadenny@cableone.net - Roswell

Michelle Oliver, BS - michelle.oliver@plateautel.net - Clovis/Tuc

Carissa Grummer, BS - carissa.grummer@plateautel.net - Clovis/Tuc

M. LaDawn Villegas, BS— Parent Coordinator

Billing and Parent Payroll

Vicky Laredo - vicky.laredo@plateautel.net - Tucumcari and Clovis

Parent Trainer and Treatment Coordinator

Lacey Gleaton, BS - lacey.gleaton@plateautel.net - Clovis